Fall Seven Times….

I need the help of God and his angels to get up the 8th. It seems like every time I start to get some sort of footing, it all falls apart. When the bad cold front swept through the states a few weeks back, I really learned what it meant to be cold. Continue reading “Fall Seven Times….”

Who’s my Daddy?

So, one major thing that has happened in my life that has my mind still reeling is that big SURPRISE no one warned me about when I was younger. There were some things that kind of pointed to it, but let’s be real, I was way to young to understand what was actually happening. It’s like watching all those PG movies you watched as a kid again as an adult. All the jokes take on a whole new meaning because your brain can finally understand what was being implied.  Continue reading “Who’s my Daddy?”

Novela 2016 Coming in 2017

I think I’m going to start trying to write about my life. Everyone says I can turn it into a book one day and it turn into some best seller and a movie and all this other stuff one day so I think I should try and write some of it down and get it out in some sort of organization. That’s what is to come in this up coming year. I’m tired of thinking about everyone else. I’m working on me this year. I’m building up me. It’s time for me to be selfish. I have to believe that I am worth it. If not, I’ll never make it.

Dear Me, I Forgive You

I know what’s happened to you. I know it was really hard and you feel guilty and dirty and disgusting and hurt and angry for what happened to you. I know you hate your body and everything that was done to it. I know just looking at it you remember how it was used against you. you feel it and think how disgusting it is. I know you want to make it suffer. I know you feel it deserves it and that so do you. I know you hate the person you’ve become . Every trait and mechanism you had to adopt in order to survive angers you so much you can’t handle it. Any touch or little form of intimacy and love repulses you. I get it. I understand. Continue reading “Dear Me, I Forgive You”

General Update

Wow, how life had happened. Realizing that this is a huge transition period, I thought it would be appropriate to get back to blogging. I’m no longer living at home. I’m homeless staying with my boyfriend’s family. I can only stay here through december. I have to move out sometime in january. I have no job, no car, no real plan, and a trial set to start March 14th… Yeah, I reported and got kicked out. We shall see where I go from here since I actually have no idea.